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Grant Goodrich

Case Western Reserve University Employee

RTA is the most convenient way for me to get to work. If I drove with traffic, it would take the same amount of time. It also gives me 24 minutes of walking per day, and I know that walking is important.

Pamela Gray

University Hospitals Employee

I ride UH Bikes on my lunch break. I would ride to work if there were a kiosk close to my house!

Hannah Ruddock

Case Western Reserve University Employee

I always choose to walk around University Circle, Little Italy and the museums. Within the Circle, it’s easier to get around by walking and biking.

William O’Neal

Local Resident

I no longer have my car, which was my main mode of transportation, I decided to take RTA. I’ve started taking the bus, and it has been a great experience.

Adam Whiting

Cleveland School of the Arts Employee

I chose my home for its proximity to my work—only a 4-block commute. I usually walk (7 minutes, all weather), but I bike if I have other places to go—grocery store, gigs, dinner, etc.

Russell Fedewa

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Since starting at the Cleveland Clinic over 5 years ago, I have cycled to work all but a handful of days. Cycling to work in the morning helps me wake up and gets the blood moving. I am in a better mood and less stressed by cycling. I find driving a car to be frustrating especially at commuting times.

Jonathan Welle

Local Resident

There are so many things such a short distance from here. It's fun and easy to get there on a bike. I've taken my bike to a doctors appointments at University Hospitals. Afterwards, I can cruise over to CVS on E 79th and hit the gym before coming home. I feel more involved in what's going on in my community traveling by bike.

Marcella Wylie

University Hospitals Employee

I ride UHBikes during my lunch. This allows me to see what’s in the community around University Hospitals.

Marty Cader

Visitor to University Circle

I always have a great experience biking to WOW.

Toni Chanakas

Case Western Reserve University Employee

I bike to work three times per week to be a good steward to the environment by lowering my carbon footprint.

Jody Lathwell

Local Resident

Recently I’ve been riding to get ice cream at Mitchell’s with my kids. It’s great to show them different neighborhoods and ways to get around other than car.

Kayanna Mitchell

Local Resident

I take the bus because it's easier on the environment. It also saves me some money.

Rochelle Scott

OnTime Healthcare Employee

I catch the HealthLine because I can listen to music. I like the bus because I don’t have to worry about other drivers. I also take walks for exercise by the duck pond. It helps to keep me calm.

John Turner

Case Western Reserve University Employee

I like to bike is possible to minimize pollution and get exercise. I drive when the weather is bad.

Gary Allen

Local Resident

Biking or taking the bus is the best way to spend one on one time with yourself.

Darline Lawsone

Local Resident

I take the CircleLink to get to my doctor’s appointments. It’s convenient and easy access.

Belinda O’Neal

Local Resident

Since I work at various locations, I usually carpooling to reduce travel costs like fuel and parking.

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