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Save money on your transit pass with Commuter Advantage! Regular transit riders can purchase their monthly RTA pass pre-tax provided that their employer is enrolled in RTA’s Commuter Advantage program. 

How it works for employees

First, find out if your employer is enrolled in Commuter Advantage. If they are, contact your HR department and let them know you’re interested in purchasing your monthly RTA transit pass pre-tax. Next, you’ll fill out a one-time form. RTA will then deliver your pass right to your office. The $95 monthly cost of the pass will automatically be deducted from your paycheck. You’ll save on FICA, federal and state income taxes. In addition to not having to worry about purchasing fare cards, you’ll be automatically enrolled in RTA’s Guaranteed Ride Home program. This program provides reimbursement for your taxi, Lyft or Uber ride (up to $35) if you stay late or need to leave work unexpectedly up to four times per year.

If your employer is not currently participating, ask your boss or human resources director to sign up. Enrolling saves you and your organization money! 

Employers Currently Participating:

  • The Cleveland Clinic
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  • UH Cleveland Medical Center
  • University Circle Inc. 
  • Institute of Music
  • Judson Retirement Community
  • Cleveland Sight Center
  • Cleveland Public Library
  • Ambleside Towers
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Starbucks
  • Huntington Bank
  • Key Bank
  • PNC Bank

How it works for employers

Join the over 700 companies in Greater Cleveland currently participating in Commuter Advantage. For every dollar saved by an employee, their employer's FICA, federal, and state income taxes are reduced. Click here to learn more about the program. Contact RTA’s Sales Director, Jim Frick, to enroll today.  

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