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Many workplaces understand the value of choice when it comes to your commute and provide benefits to employees who choose non-drive alone modes. 

How do employees in University Circle get to work?

85.5% Drive Alone
4% RTA
3% Carpool
3% Walk
2% Dropped Off / Picked Up
2% Bike
1% Other

Mode split data is based on the 2016 University Circle employee commuter survey.

Case Western Reserve University

Transit Discount

Staff earning less than $50,000 per year are eligible to purchase monthly RTA passes at a 55% reduced rate.

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The Cleveland Clinic

Parking Subsidy for Carpools

Carpools of two or more people receive parking discounts. Carpools of four people or more park for FREE at main campus. Learn about all commuter benefits for CCF caregivers!

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