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uGO for less! Do you know all your options for making your sustainable commute cheaper? Save money and increase productivity by taking advantage of current program offerings.

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Commuter Advantage

Do you ride RTA regularly? You can save over $350 per year by enrolling in RTA’s Commuter Advantage program and purchasing your monthly pass pre-tax. Your monthly pass will be delivered right to your office which saves you the hassle of buying fare cards. If you need to stay late or leave work early due to unexpected circumstances (ie. your kid gets sick or you have to stay late for a deadline), RTA will reimburse your taxi, Lyft or Uber ride with a Guaranteed Ride Home voucher up to four times per year.

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Do you live outside of RTA's bus an rail network? Save money and make your commute more productive by joining or starting a vanpool with people who live and work near you. Create a pool with colleagues or search for existing vanpools. RTA will subsidize $0.30 per vehicle mile for anyone who lives or works in Cuyahoga County.

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Greater Circle Living Program

Spend more time doing what you want to do by living closer to where you work—reducing your commute time, increasing the number of options you have for getting to work, and increasing productivity! The Greater Circle Living Program reduces the cost of renting and/or owning a home in and around University Circle.

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Employer Incentives

A number of employers in University Circle go the extra mile to offer benefits to employees who travel to work by public transit, biking, carpooling or vanpooling. Find out if your employer is on the list!

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