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Updated 5/13/2020

  • University Circle shuttles are still operational with the following changes:
    • No weekend service for BlueLink and GreenLink. GreenLink afternoon frequency reduced.
    • Health Education Campus shuttles service suspended until further notice. 
    • Lower frequency on Evening Loop - North.
  • RTA
    • Park-n-ride and downtown trolleys suspended until further notice.
    • Bus and train service reduced by 15% (to begin Sunday 4/12). Impacts frequency of the Red Line, HealthLine and some UC bus routes.
  • No rentable bikes or scooters (shared mobility devices) are available.
  • The Enterprise CarShare locations in University Circle have been suspended until further notice.
  • The Enterprise Rent-a-Car location at 3200 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights is permitting car rentals for customers age 18 and older accommodate students who rely on car share.
  • Zipcar still available at UCI office at 10831 Magnolia Dr. and will increase the frequency of cleaning based on usage.
  • Enterprise vanpool is still operational (all vans go to the Cleveland VA Medical Center). 

All passengers on University Circle shuttles must wear a mask and follow the recommended 6 ft. physical distancing guidelines while riding. 


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