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If your Uber to the bus stop was covered

Posted November 09, 2017 in Articles

The promise of whiz bang technology—mobile apps, Uber like ride hailing and driverless vehicles—as a boost to public transit systems is the subject of a new study. As mobile, real-time information scales up, how much technology... read more

If You Drive Less Than 10,000 Miles a Year, You Probably Shouldn't Own a Car

Posted October 18, 2017 in Articles

Up to one-quarter of all U.S. drivers might be better off using ride-sharing services instead. Every day there’s more news about the inevitable arrival of autonomous vehicles. At the same time, more people are using ride-hailing... read more

University Circle Inc. expands CircleLink bus shuttles and opens uGO transportation website

Posted October 12, 2017 in Articles

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- On the brink of turning 60, University Circle Inc. has expanded its free CircleLink bus service and to help people navigate the neighborhood and its surroundings. "We hope to educate and inform... read more

Bikesharing saves DC hundreds of millions of dollars

Posted October 02, 2017 in Articles

Did DC’s bikeshare help, or hurt, the city’s congestion problem? Some people have claimed that the bicyclists using Capital Bikeshare were former pedestrians and metro travelers, so didn’t really replace automobile traffic. In this way,... read more

More downtown Palo Alto drivers leaving cars behind

Posted September 28, 2017 in Articles

After learning that a 2015 initiative to get commuters out of cars and using transit saw marked improvements in the past year, Palo Alto’s elected officials have stepped the plan into high gear. Members of the... read more

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