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Thousands walk the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge and Subway Tour

Posted August 19, 2017 in Articles

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Clevelanders turned out in force on Saturday for the return of the annual walk back into their own transit history, the Veterans Memorial Bridge and Subway Tour. It was the first time the... read more

Rethink existing transportation systems with Transportation Demand Managemen

Posted August 17, 2017 in Articles

Jeffrey Tumlin is a leading thinker – a mover-and-shaker – on incorporating “transportation demand management” principles into the many ways planners are rethinking the ways we’ve built our cities. I didn’t attend the Association for Commuter... read more

Columbus provides free transit passes to downtown workers

Posted August 02, 2017 in Articles

About 43,000 Downtown workers will be eligible for bus passes, free to them, starting next summer under a unique program drawing national interest. “This is a very practical, cost-effective way of dealing with a problem we... read more

NOACA pushes for greener commute

Posted May 11, 2017 in Articles

CLEVELAND, Ohio - When it comes to commuting, the car is not the only way to go. A regional transportation planning organization has launched a new trip planning tool to encourage commuters to rethink the single-occupancy... read more

Cedar Glen bike path & Streetscape at Cedar-Fairmount

Posted January 08, 2017 in Articles

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- City Council has awarded a $3.99 million contract for the resurfacing of Cedar Road, one quarter of that amount going toward a streetscape project just past the "Top of the Hill." And... read more

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