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CWRU Winter Break Service Impacts on Shuttles

Location: University Circle

Alert in effect: Tuesday, December 1 until further notice

Routes & Associated Impacts

BlueLink - No changes

GreenLink - No changes

Commuter Shuttle - No changes

Evening South - Starting on Monday, 1/11/21, service resumed with one shuttle on the south route.

Evening North - Starting Friday, 1/15,21, service resumed with two shuttles on the north route.

Heights AM - Service resumes 2/1/21.

KSL Express - Service resumes 2/1/21.

UCRC - No changes

Route A - No changes

Route B - No changes

Target/Walmart Express - Service resumed 1/16/21.

Cedar Hill Express - Out of service until further notice.

HEC Main - Service resumed 1/11/21.

HEC Main After Hours - Service resumed 1/11/21.

HEC Nursing - Starting 1/11/21, service resumed with a split route, Nursing 1 and Nursing 2. There is one shuttle on each route.

HEC West Campus - No changes

For real-time shuttle location tracking, visit our shuttle page.

Posted Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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