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Circle Drive Construction Work on Mayfield Road

Location: Mayfield Road at Circle Drive

Alert in effect: Tuesday, January 2 until further notice

Starting Tuesday January 9th (project start date updated on 1/2/18) work will begin on the construction of the new Circle Drive north of Mayfield Road. Traffic on Mayfield Road at Circle Drive will be shifted to the two southern most lanes. Work will primarily take place 9am-3pm, and police will be on site to direct traffic during work hours. The...

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CircleLink Route Change & Extended Service Hours

Location: Wade Oval, Uptown, Little Italy & Coventry

Alert in effect: Tuesday, October 3 until further notice

Starting Monday, October 2nd the BlueLink has a new shuttle route and extended service hours. The BlueLink now runs 6:30am-6:00pm on weekdays with 30 minute frequency. The route connects Wade Oval, Uptown, Little Italy and Coventry. The GreenLink will no longer run the AM spur to the VA Cleveland Medical center. New BlueLink Service Hours Weekdays: 6:30am - 6:00pm Weekends: noon - 6:00pm New...

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