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Plan Your Trip with GOhio Commute

Get transit, biking, walking and driving directions to your destination using Gohio Commute. Gohio Commute uses the Ride Amigos platform to help you find carpool partners or existing vanpools among people who live and work near you.

Transportation Resource Map

Find EV charging, a high capacity bike rack, a bike fix it station, a car share station, a bike share station or parking near you. Check out commuter alerts to stay on top of any construction projects or delays affecting your commute. 

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Bike Share Station
Visitor Parking
Permit-Only Parking
Bike Rack
Car Share Station
Bike Fix-It Station

Transportation Alerts

University East Parking Lot Rates Return

11366 Mayfield Road

Upcoming Changes to RTA Bus Routes with NEXT GEN RTA

RTA bus # 9, 10, 11, 32 & 38

Circle Square Construction

Chester Ave., Stokes Blvd. and MLK Jr. Dr.

E 105th Phase II Reconstruction

E 105th Street north of Greenlawn Ave

I-490 Closure - Updated January 2021

Between I-77 and E 55th Street

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