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Parking in University Circle is easy when you plan ahead. Take advantage of the resources on this page to find out where and how to Park Once and experience all the neighborhood has to offer. For information on bike parking, visit the biking page.  

Park Once

University Circle is a Park Once destination, with convenient parking facilities located throughout the district and a variety of services available to help you get around without your car once you’ve arrived. In addition to most of the neighborhood being within a 10 to 15-minute walk, take advantage of the following options to easily move between venues.


CircleLink Shuttles

CircleLink Shuttles

If you live, work, or visit University Circle, you can take CircleLink to your next destination! CircleLink is a FREE circulator service that operates throughout the neighborhood.

UH Bikes Website

UH Bikes Website

250 bikes. 29 stations. 7 virtual stations. Skip the drive. Go for a ride! Create your bike share account, learn about payment options, and view the system map from your computer or phone.



The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority is the public transit agency for Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding suburbs of Cuyahoga County.

Employee Parking

Permit parking is available throughout the district in a variety of lots and garages. Some employers offer special accommodations for carpool, vanpool, clean fuel vehicles, or other alternative mode commuters. Contact us for more information on options available to you.

Visitor Parking

Convenient visitor parking options are available throughout University Circle with hours and rates that vary by venue. Short-term on-street parking is available in the primary commercial districts (Uptown and Little Italy), while longer-term parking is available in nearby off-street lots and garages. Park Once garages are optimally situated for access to the district’s primary visitor destinations and feature hours and rates geared towards visitors who plan to visit multiple venues on a single trip. Plan your visit using the interactive map and see below for more information on Park Once options.

Ford Road Garage – Serving Uptown and the Hessler/Bellflower Historic District
Museum of Natural History Garage – Serving the Wade Oval Cultural Distict
Veale Center Garage – Serving CWRU South Campus and University Hospitals
Centric Garage [Coming Soon!] – Serving Centric, Uptown and Little Italy

Valet Service

Several University Circle destinations offer valet parking daily or for featured events. Check with your destination to see what options are available. 

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